: Wrath of the Titans

Feb 5, 2012

I got kidnapped from Gravity (the reason I moved to London), to work on Wrath of the Titians. There was a hilarious story with confusion over the name and where I was supposed to be working mixed with the English passive aggressive mentality against the NYC straightforwardness. But that’s for another day. This was the first shot I produced at Framestore. It was the first big box office film work I’d done actually. We did some shots here at there at Curious Pictures over the years. But this was serious:) Had to know about grain samples and application finally. Also about lens distortion workflows, and the maths behind alphas and pre-multiplications.

Originally the trip to London was intended to work un the careful wing of my old friend Kyle McColloch as I transitioned from TV work, to the film world….while learning Nuke on the job. Sort. To that extent I took a lower level position and was ready to sit down and be channeled.

Let me tell you. Wrath was a challenge. Suddenly I had to produce a film quality shot. A couple of days after landing in London. It was intense. I made my faire share of newbie mistakes. Color. Edges. Not utilized QOVs correctly.

But in the end, the VFX supervisor signed off on the shot, and it looked good enough to be placed in the film. I was happy about that. It was a trial by fire though!!

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