: Negawatts

Nov 25, 2009

Take your pens out kids; This is called a Fluff Piece.

Steve Oaks directed this pitch that I had the pleasure of animating and compositing. I do love the passion of quick turn around pitches like this one:)

The idea was that the Empire State Building was adapting itself to use less power, doing it’s part to combat climate change. So their branding agency reached out to Steve Oaks, our director, and asked him to make this concept pitch.

I always enjoyed working with Steve. There was a generation gap between us, but his attention to detail was unrivaled. While a creative and maker himself, he always hired people to create his vision when it came to production. Story Board artists, graphic designers, animators. Even though he could do the work himself, I suspect he took a great pleasure in hiring artists:)

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