: Dunkaroos

Jul 17, 2003

In NYC nobody will admit having ate these as a child:)

Dunkaroos is the first commercial I remember working on. After Ave Amy. Curious never knew what to do with me. I’d come back to intern summers between school. They would send me on errands all over NYC running deliveries. Getting coffee. Mostly I was doing print work in the Curious Toys department with Michael Destigliano who soon wrote Curious’s first production pipeline and eventually became a lead TD at Bluesky I believe.

I didn’t care what I worked on. Television was exciting. Like being backstage in theatre. There was always something to do, and I loved all of it!

My contribution to the Dunkaroos party was all the foliage in the wide temple shots. Learned Maya PFX on that “job”. All the plants in the beginning of the spot are the same ones we created for the Stink Ant in-house project the summer before! Ha!

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