: Bravo Fashion

Oct 22, 2010

This is the opening credit sequence for Bravo’s Fashion reality TV show. Got to work with Tom Barham again which was pretty cool. We get along really well me and that director. Probably because his storyboards are a dream and implementing them in motion is a pleasure.

This is the first of two times we created this title sequence for Bravo. The second version was a little more straight forward. A conveyor belt of people from left to right. This original conception from Tom had more spice and interest!

For reasons I can’t recall now, the entire spot was to be created in Adobe Aftereffects. No maya artists were allowed. Hmm….strange choice in retrospect. Anyway. Aftereffects was my jam, and it seemed like an interesting game to try and do this much 3D inside of AE. This was defiantly pushing the limits of the software at the time.

Lastly! One more interesting thing about this spot. This was the second gig I’d worked on where the footage of the people was shot, with NO IDEA of how it would be used. The process from Bravo was to shoot the contestants on static cameras in front of a greenscreens….then push that media out some boutiques and directors who then could invent title sequences around that imagery!!! Madness right?!

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