: Miles Away Pitch

May 24, 2011

I loved the way this pitch turned out. As a non-photo real project, I thought it was the cleanest, and most successful NPR animation we had produced at the studio yet! Also, this animation was the closest we had EVER come to matching the concept art provided to us by the clients. We really hit it. It’s these little thankless moments that often spark up pride in my work. There are shows that win awards, or that have big budgets, or lots of media attention….but it has always been the small and perfect victories that fill me with satisfaction.

Josh Greer was the excellent animator. Steve Muniz rigger and general technical magician. I was lighting, rendering and compositing.

The pitch was not picked up by Disney in the end. Children’s animation was once dominated by daytime network television…but with all the different media sources now a days….it was getting increasingly competitive.

The thing I liked most about this job, was that I got to paint the backgrounds! I invented them from scratch! Of all the different hats I have worn over all the years, the few times I’ve been allowed to paint backgrounds for cartoons, have been some of the most enjoyable moments of my creative life. Big thanks to Domine Mahl our creative director who always supported every one else’s personal interests in the studio. I really liked that about her, and it’s something I always try to replicate in any production I find myself in.

Below are the two bgs that were sent as alts for the agency:

Miles Away Pitch Background Dark.

Miles Away Pitch Background Light.

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