: Schwab

May 17, 2008

After scanner darkly everybody wanted to re-create that effect. So all the commercial and animation studios attempted to ‘automate’ the process in some way or another. Any angle of advantage I guess:)

This was the result a few of lads and lassies at Curious Pictures. Here was the breakdown of our process:

  1. Motion Capture face and body(we have our one vicon system) and render some CG passes.
  2. Then export tons of little nulls and track on rotoshapes on top of the CG.

I think it was an admirable attempt:) Was crazy cheep too compared to full on rotoscoping. Still, though, even that price was out of reach for many creatives. But. most importantly, it just didn’t look the same as Scanner Darkly. Not as cool. The life and feeling of real people would have been hard to create in the 3D, and it would have required very skilled animators working in a compositing software to complete the process.

I love all the precious little pitch orphans!

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