: Target - Traffic

Jan 18, 2002

This is the summer I learned not only that there were people who defined themselves as artists, but there were deep and important subcultures within them!

Joan Raspo directed a series of these Target spots. I was working with another young man named Austin (don’t recall his last name!). Austin the “Designer”, worked more closely with Joan. Mostly I followed his lead.

Together he and I played in illustrator all summer converting reference images into neat tri-color Target-like pictures. While the images were supposed to be used as shooting boards, many were simply rolled into production as placed on TV! Felt mind boggling to have our illustrator images be broadcast!

I didn’t think of it as work that summer; all the images we produced. I was simply ‘playing’ in illustrator, pretending to be a designer like Austin. I liked his self confidence. It was inspiring.

For me, life was super confusing for me back then:)

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