: Shaw Flooring

Dec 23, 2010

Every once in a while there is a gig that just tickles you. The spot is plain enough. It was the the motion test that awarded us the spot. The agency and client was super concerned about our ability to create the CG carpet in the closeup shot. So I thought and thought about it. (There was NO 3D in the bid). The effect was going to need to be done in comp……then I thought….maybe it could be done in Particular? Quickly took their carpet sample over to the scanner. Did some modest dissection. Scanned some nice profile images of carpet strands. And used them images as sprite textures in Particular…ha! It completely worked. Silly aftereffects. Is there anything you can’t do!?

Crime of the century on this job was flying out to Portland for the shoot, and not having enough time to visit the Museum of Stereography….again! Arg!

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