: Dex Phonebook

Oct 11, 2011

These two spots hold a special place in my heart. It was at the end of my 14+ years working at Curious Pictures. Tensions were high. New partners, and new fancy directors the company represented were on a different calibre than we had previously worked. The display cases full of old models and animation memorabilia which lined the halls were tossed into the trash (Including Slimmer from Ghostbusters and Chair-y from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse!).

My colleagues and friends found ourselves on strange new ground. Both excited for change in company branding, and higher profile projects…but also a sad to see the animation studio and it’s vision of “Have Fun. Do great work. And make money.” be replaced with…..sterile coloured paint and uncomfortable minimalist furniture.

All things must come to an end, and I like to think we were not overly nostalgic for the past. I was happy to be making these two commercials at Curious Pictures for Dex Phonebooks. Flew out west one last time for the shoot. I got super lost trying to find the set, and wound up on the wrong side of town. The producer never let me out of her sight after that, and I always had a runner assigned to ‘assist’ me:)

I only played VFX supervisor on these two commercials. Tom Lynch was the lead compositor which was really great. I’d been trying to get him into that role at the studio for a while, and was very pleased to finally see him take it on. Tom is a super talented and hilarious guy. I always enjoyed working with him!

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