: Spurlock

Aug 8, 2008

Check out this beautiful ending Curious Pictures created for the ending of Morgan Spurlock’s movie “Where in the World is Osama Binladen”. I wasn’t too involved in the project until rendering texture, lighting, rendering and compositing came around. Marci Ichimura and I spent the better part of a month lighting and rendering and comping. The thing I remember is running into texture memory problems on the larger set. We wound up mapping textures on in comp. So basically any environmental texture you see we did in AE. Sadly this animated ending was cut from the distributed film. But if you were lucky enough to be at Sundance that year then you would have witness our awesome work!

Because it amuses me, check out my hilariously small contribution to the opening credits. I created in 3D the motion trails for the characters when the kick and punch. Also I designed and animated the power bar.

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