: Wells Fargo

Oct 4, 2007

I came in to help this spot do some animation look dev. The brief was that the house is ‘made of paper’ and ‘animates on’….but the clients want a ‘clean motion graphics image (ref supplied)’ and do not want it to look like actual paper.

Funny how silly that reads after writing it down, but it’s a fairly standard brief. Pretty straight forward compared to some we get from the agencies!

In those days After Effects had a brand new 2.5D system. You could multiplane stuff, and make super simple 3D setups inside the compositing software. Most of my team at that point was comp-centric (where did all the 3D artists go?!), so I made a motion test using animated cards in After Effects and the clients approved it!

Tom Lynch, Josephine Nor, and Marci Ichimura completed final spot, but a few of my animated transitions made it into the final spot!

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