: CTC Pitch

Nov 14, 2008

Super fast test animation director David Kelly (motion graphics king on NYC). From start to finish, I think this took two days to complete. We made several variations of course, but the video above was the more visually pleasing of the set. Animated lofts in maya along splines to achieve the draw on. Adobe After Effects to make the comp.

Something I completely forgot until making this post. I painting the BG!! Usually elements such as the background for a pitch come from the agency, or the director. Also, at Curious Pictures I was surrounded by immensely talented artists. My drawing/painting skills are more the level of an exaggerated hobby, than working professional, if that makes sense. That being said, time and again, I found the most enjoyable moments I’ve had as a working artist have nearly always been when I get to paint or design. I’m not super great at it, and I’m slow so there is always pressure. BUT. I love it just the same:) To see something YOU drew on television…..It’s amazing!

Background for painted in photoshop for CTC pitch.

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