: Nick Choice Awards

Mar 19, 2009

This was a odd little gig that Curious Pictures picked up. The director Steve Oaks the studio represented had a long standing relationship with Nickelodeon. He was executive producer on a number of shows the studio produced and many commercials.

ANYWAY! The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards was right around the corner, and marketing had a great idea to splash all their cartoons with slime! So I had got to spend some time figuring out how we could possibly shoot, then animate, and composite the live action slime onto a 2D corrector. So, mostly I just played VFX/Comp sup on this show.

The other half of the production was to help them come up with a plan and execute a ‘slime tunnel’ the guests would walk through when entering the theatre! I had a blast figuring this one out. The below playblast is what I presented to the agency as a proof of concept using some plates from their slime archive and a two projector, rear-projection setup. Sadly I never got to see the actual tunnel in real life. I bet it was super cool!

Nam Doan was the animator for Spongebob. Josephine Nor was the compositor. I got to make the slime tunnel. Compositing was done in AfterEffects, like everything we did at Curious Pictures. We were an After Effects heavy studio.

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