: Gondry - Pitch

Apr 2, 2009

This was a unique pitch that my thoughts come back to time and again.

Lewis Kofsky our head of CG and captain of the Curious Pictures ship, some how got involved with Michelle Gondry, who wanted to produce an animated feature with his son who was learning to draw. Michelle’s son was actually a brave and strange artist already, but his father wanted him to be more than just natural talent, so he was keen that Curious teach him all about animation. Character turn-arounds, pencil tests, working in teams, etc. Everything.

I’m sorry I don’t have a copy of the finalled 02:30 test we created. It was bananas. Cool. Interesting and a little crazy. Being a commercial house I seldom had the opportunity to work with folks from the art world.

There were many great memories from this project, but one that always rises to the top for me, was the night Michelle and I stayed up late printing frames of the animation, and painting over them with watercolor. He kept telling me things like: “Be more flexible, more fluid, put the paint on the page, big strokes. It’s important to follow your feelings, and not the lines on the page. If it’s going to work, this animation needs soul.”

What a pleasure to work with a man like that!!

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