: G.W.A.N.O.

Nov 6, 2009

We produced this 5 min pilot for Morgan Spurlock. I think the premise surrounded the show being a satire on the sensational news which was creeping into the airwaves. Telling the story with puppets would be lighthearted and revealing, rather than alarming and scary.

At Curious Pictures we shot the green screen puppets on our stage, and then created all the env and set extensions in post. Stock footage was used for the reporters on location.

I was playing compositing supervisor on this gig. I’m pretty sure I composited the artic puppet shot and the lady swimming. But that was a long time ago now…and I could be mistaken.

Once again it was a fun project to work on. Many of my friends worked on the show together. Stefania Galico, Jesse Mireaux, Cory Alderman, and of course my partner in crime, the very talented Marci Ichimura.

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