: Alfa Romeo - Stelvio

Dec 27, 2016

In Framestore Montreal we have been playing with the idea of expanding the facility to do some commercial work. It’s all theoretical at this point:) This Alfa Romeo commercial is the fruit of such labor. The NY and LA studios were keen to take on the new work, but were at capacity (Good for them!!). So we all got together and hashed out the details of what it would take for the Montreal crew to complete some of the CG work.

I think result speaks for themselves. I’ve personally always wanted to work on a high end card commercial so this was a very exciting project for me.

The multi site-ness being what it is, I found it hard to always know who was doing what in each studio, but here are some peeps as I recall it:

  • Director: Luigi. (another luigi!)
  • CG Supervisor: Benjamin Hubert
  • Compositing Supervisor: Anthony Luigi Santoro
  • Compositing artists (the people who finaled the shots!): Oliver Ferguson Tylor Marc Olivier Antoine Goethes (sp?) Andrew Chiu Jerome Foucute (sp?)

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