Apr 14, 2004

Recovered 4 of the 7 spots Steve Oaks directed for PBS.

This was my first gig after graduating from the music conservatory at SUNY Purchase. I was living in the west village in the United Methodist Church/working as an evening caretaker while working on All This Useless Beauty. NYC is competitive and any angle of unfair advantage is welcomed!

Anyway. I was a freelance on this gig. Keying plates, and compositing the animation which was being produced in Canada. I remember being basically unsupervised. Meaning, Steve Oaks would direct me on what needed to be done on each shot in each spot, and then I would just work. In retrospect, there should have been an in house artist checking to make sure I did everything correctly. Framerates, codecs, client deliverable, ingesting footage, conforming… I guess after all the years of interning each summer they might have assumed I should know what I was doing:)

Enjoy these spots. I think they were pretty cute. Was my first time pulling keys in an actual production….and there was so much I didn’t know:)

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